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What is VoteWrap?

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VoteWrap is arguably the ultimate consensus seeking, decision making process.

The VoteWrap Method improves the handling of contention in collaborative environments by using the innovation of a variable consensus level calculated from how important and urgent issues are to each voter. And, by dynamically integrating the following formal and informal elements of voting:

The outcome is then viewed in the integrated Results Summary Display.

And applied to Associated sub-issues within and between issues.

And then on the larger scale all the VoteWrapped issues in a domain are sorted in real time with Relative priority to other issues.

The VoteWrap Method exists as a documented specification in the form of a Detailed Process Flow and as a set of fully functional Excel Prototypes.

In practice VoteWrap is most effective when applied to 'Object Oriented Documentation' An example of 'OO Doco' is the specification of the VoteWrap Method. And here are some examples of how VoteWrap and OO Doco can be integrated to give real world benefits.

VoteWrap utilises Data Visualisation principles to present its Results Summary Display in a rich graphical format that is easier to understand than character based displays.

The VoteWrap project is now at the stage where the detailed software specification is being written and a development team is getting ready to turn it into the real thing running on the VoteWrap server. If you are interested in joining the development team then click on the link to the VoteWrap Facebook below and send us a message.

If your interest is in using VoteWrap once it is available then I suggest you also go to the VoteWrap Facebook page and 'Like' and 'Follow' us so we can let you know when the VoteWrap server is 'open for business'.

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